KM FasTrans User Manual

This User Manual contains information not available in the online help and in some cases also contains some of their support when the context so requires.

Please read this document before using the product and especially before asking for support, because if the question is answered in the document it will not get any response from the support group.

Version History

 Version  Date Modified/New Chapters
Version 2.1 (KMFasTrans 3.2.2) February 2021 Introduction, Translation Tags, Special Translation Processes, Management of Translation Items
Version 2.0 (KMFasTrans 3.2.0) January 2020 Everything
 Version 1.8 (KMFasTrans 3.0.0)  July 2014  Introduction, Installation
 Version 1.7 (KMFasTrans 2.3.0)  March 2014  Installation
 Version 1.6 (KMFasTrans 2.1.2)  October 2013  Configuration
 Version 1.0  April 2012  -