Below are the available patches for FasTrans.

A patch is created for an urgent or specific need for wich is not justified to create a new version. Each patch is installed on a specific version of FasTrans. Please do not install any patches on a version different than indicated, whether lower or upper. Each new version will include all the patches that have been released for previous versions.

The patches are installed using the standard Joomla Extension Manager Install.


FasTrans version


 FasTrans_patch_140506-2.3.1  2.3.1 FREE

This patch fixes the following bugs:

1. The default template style is loaded for Home page instead of its own configured template style.

2. In HTML modules, the TAB 'Options' is not available.

3. When clicking Copy All when editing a module, the Position is not copied.

4. When using Ajax load in some 3rd party extensions, the mootools/javascript loaded by the KMFT plugin was causing interferences and displaying abnormal results.

5. Remove warning: Illegal string offset Field_name in /com_kmfastrans/views/transedit/view.html.php on line 1076

 FasTrans_patch_121201-1.3.5  1.3.5 FREE

Allows to add custom fields to articles in FasTrans 1.3.5 without changing the Joomla core files or database tables. It requires the Joomla 2.5.6 patch and a plugin like the example shown in Adding_custom_fields_to_the_article_component