KM FasTrans FREE: 2.3.1. KM FasTrans PRO: 3.2.2.

Kmel-Joomla-Extensions is proud to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.2 for Joomla versions 3.8 and 3.9.

KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.2 introduces new functionalities and fixes some problems found in version 3.2.1.

New features

  • New structure of the Translation Management Dashboard.

    The structure of the window has been modified by eliminating the left side menu that was little used to have more space for language management. The links for selecting the source and target languages have been moved to the top of the window with a Language Tools button that allows them to be shown or hidden. The other filters have been moved to the search tools.

    The following functions have been added in the ordering of elements in the Translation Management Dashboard:

  • Sorting elements.

    • A new filter has been incorporated to list the featured articles and thus be able to sort them.

    • Clicking and dragging in the window to change the order of elements is now automatically propagated to all selected languages.

    • A Quick Actions button has been added to the toolbar that displays a drop-down of actions. The only action available at the moment is to propagate the order of the source language elements to all the selected target languages. More actions will be incorporated in the next releases.

    These new functions allow you to perform the ordering of elements (Featured Articles, Menu Items, Modules, ...) only once on the elements of the source language and that same ordering will be immediately available in all target languages.

  • Multiple filters.

    Multiple filters have been incorporated in the Translation Management Dashboard instead of simple filters for Articles (Category filters, Access, Author, Tags), for Banners (Category filter), for Categories (Access filter) and for Contacts ( Category, Access and Tags filters).

  • Use of the checkbox in the Translation Management Dashboard.

    This checkbox has been generalized to be used by all the actions taken from the buttons on the toolbar. Currently it can be used for the button 'Mark the set as completed' and for the buttons of the drop-down list of the new button 'Quick Actions'.

  • Parent filter

    A filter has been added to select the 'Parent' menu item in the Translation Management Dashboard for menu items.

  • More information on item save messages

    Item type, title, and id have been added to item save messages (edit and create). These messages are also displayed in the window to which you are redirected after a save and close action.

  • Menu item of type 'Logout'.

    This type of Menu Item has been included in the general treatment of Menu Item Editing, supporting from this version all the KMFasTrans editing functions including the detection of inconsistencies.

  • Create multiple translations from the inconsistency table link.

    When an element is edited in a target language and there is no translation of some parameter from the source element to that target language, an inconsistency is obtained with the description 'No translation found' and a link in the Actions column that leads to the editing screen to create the missing translation in that language. From this release, using this link you will get the editing screen with empty forms for all languages for which the translation is missing. This way, you can create the translations into all the languages in which the translation is missing in one go.

  • New rule and special translation process.

    A new translation rule (R7) and a new translation process have been created that allows translating the 'title' attribute of the HTML tags <a and <hr and that can be extended to other HTML tags if necessary. The case of the <hr tag is important because when it is used to create a Table of Contents in an article, it enables automatic translation of the table's links.

    As with other special translation processes, the process is created disabled during installation. If you want to use it, you just have to enable it.

Fixed bugs:

1. Removal of gradients in navigation buttons

2. Editors xtd buttons were not working properly when loading multiple target languages on the edit screen. The result of pressing the button was erroneously stored in the editor of the last loaded language, instead of the editor in which the button was pressed.

3. Under certain conditions, when attempting to associate a menu item manually, the candidate list did not display existing menu items that could be associated.

4. Depending on the domain name, on some screens when pressing the 'Cancel' button or the 'Save and Close' button, an 'Internal Server Error' error was obtained.

5. When the KMFT language switch module cache was active, sometimes flags links were not correct.

6. Pressing 'Cancel and return to KMFasTrans' after editing an item in Joomla! when accessed from the Translation Management Dashboard, the item was locked. Now the link 'Cancel and return to KMFasTrans' has been removed and returns to KmFasTrans automatically when pressing any of the buttons that closes the Joomla! editing window. (Save and Close and Cancel).

7. In the edit screen after copying an image field using any of the copy buttons from the source element to the destination element, the popover to preview the image in the destination element field did not display the copied image.

Kmel-Joomla-Extensions is proud to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.1 for Joomla versions 3.8 and 3.9.

KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.1 removes buttons that lead to quick actions because these actions are not implemented in the current version and therefore the buttons are not useful at this time. This version also fixes some issues found in version 3.2.0.

Fixed bugs:

1. JCE Pro editor was not loading in KMFasTrans edit window

2. Removed some inconsistencies that were erroneously obtained in custom fields assigned to category 'all.

Kmel-Joomla-Extensions is proud to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.0 for Joomla versions 3.8 and 3.9.

This new version has been designed giving special importance to the effectiveness and efficiency in the construction of multi-language websites. For this we have implemented the following features:

  • The possibility of creating and / or modifying several languages at the same time.

  • The possibility of machine translation in several languages at the same time. For this we use version 2 of the Bing translator.

  • The intensive use of Ajax technology to accelerate all processes.

In our tests we have used up to 30 languages in addition to the source language.

New Features.

KMFasTrans PRO version 3.2.0 contains a lot of new features:

  • Joomla update process support.

    • This version of KMFasTrans supports the Joomla update process. If problems occur in the update, for example because the update code has not been registered, or because the subscription has expired or for any other reason, the user will receive a detailed message of the reason for the problem so that he can take the most appropriate action .

  • Fields groups and Fields support.

    • Customizable field groups and all types of customizable fields are fully supported in this version.

  • Creating or modifying elements in several languages at the same time

    • In the Translations Management Dashboard it is possible to select the languages that you want to create or edit from the total of the content languages in a fast and agile way (the selection process is done through Ajax).

      Once the languages have been selected, it is possible to edit or create elements in only one of them or several of them or all at once.

      The selected languages are loaded in the editing window and can be modified or created simply by selecting the desired language. When you have finished with the desired modifications it is possible to save the elements of all languages at once or save only some of them. As the saving is done using Ajax the editing window will not be reloaded and therefore the modifications made to the unsaved languages will not be lost.

  • Machine translation into several languages at once.

    Once several languages are loaded in the editing window, several translation options are available:

    • Translation of all the (translatable) fields of the source element to all the fields of an element of any of the loaded languages or to all the elements in all the loaded languages.

    • Translation of one of the fields (translatable) from the source element to the same field of an element of any of the loaded languages or to all the elements in all the loaded languages.

  • Copy to several languages at once.

    • This function allows one or several fields of an item in the source language to be copied to the corresponding fields in the items of the selected target languages, preserving, of course, those fields that depend on the language, such as the category to which an article belongs.

    • This option is very useful for cases where an item (an article, for example) is not translated into all languages. In this way it is possible to make modifications in a single source language and copy them with a single click on all the desired target languages.

  • Translation Tags.

    • When translating a text using a machine translation service, there may be character strings in the text in the source language that should not be translated directly into the target language because they have a special meaning. This is the case of strings that are analyzed by plugins that act according to the content found, such as the string 'loadmoduleid xx' to insert the module whose id is xx. If 'loadmoduleid' were translated into another language, the plugin would not recognize the string as a special one and therefore would not insert the module.

      Some tags are set by default, such as the couple { } but you can configure the ones you want.

  • Special Translation Processes.

    • Special translation processes are performed during the translation of contents from a source language into a target language using one of the translation services configured in the KMFasTrans options.

      For example, when the plugin responsible for loading modules finds the sequence {loadmoduleid xx}, its function is to load the module whose id is xx.

      Following with this example, the value xx will probably be different for the different languages, so in this case it is not only necessary to keep the string 'loadmodule' untranslated, but also to change the value xx to the id of the module that is the translation of the module with id xx. Naturally this requires that there is a translation, known by KMFasTrans, of the module whose id is xx to the target language. This will always be true if the module whose id is xx has been translated with KMFasTrans before translating the article containing the string

      To achieve this functionality, these special translation processes have been created.

      The following processes are supplied by default when installing KMFasTrans:

      • Preserving text between {}

      • Replace id with its translation on . For Customizable Fields.

      • Replace id with its translation on . For Customizable Fields.

      • Replace id with its translation on . For Customizable Field Groups.

      • Replace id with its translation on {loadmoduleid id}. For modules.

      • Replace title with its translation on . For modules.

Kmel-Joomla Extensions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.1.2 for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.4. 

Fixed bugs:

1. Fatal error: Class plgSysKmftContEvents not found. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_150505-3.1.1).

2. Fatal error when translating contacts: Call to undefined method ContentHelperRoute::getContactRoute().

3. If any template using the Gantry framework is installed, you can find log entries in KmFasTrans log files even when the KmFasTrans log is disabled. To avoid this undesirable situation, from this version no KmFasTrans log files will be opened while the KmFasTrans log is disabled.

Kmel-Joomla Extensions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.1.1 for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.4. 

KMFasTrans PRO version 3.1.1 contains new features as described below:

New features

  • Joomla 3.4 support.

Fixed bugs:

1. A bug introduced in version 3.1.0 leads to a sql query error when showing a K2 menu item of type 'Categories'. (Previously solved with patch FasTrans_patch_140918-3.1.0).

2. Save buttons are not displayed in the edit form when editing Articles or Modules and the link to create a new module is not displayed in the TM Dashboard. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_140926-3.1.0).

3. Fatal error "Class 'plgSysKmftContEvents' not found" arises in some PHP versions. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_150106-3.1.0).

4. Remove the warning message: 'Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\DATOS\DWSites\Joomla34test\administrator\components\com_kmfastrans\helpers\kmfastrans.php on line 957' in Control Panel.

If you use KMFasTrans 3.1.0 with Joomla 3.3.4 please install patch FasTrans_patch_140926-3.1.0.

This patch fixes the following issues under Joomla 3.3.4:

1. Save buttons are not displayed in the edit form when editing Articles or Modules.

2 The link to create a new module is not displayed in the TM Dashboard.

Kmel-joomla-extensions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.1.0 of K2 support in KMFasTrans PRO for Joomla version 3.2+

The support plugin can be found and downloaded in Third-party extension support.

Version 1.1.0 adds the following new features:

- Support for Simple Image Gallery Pro

- From this version everything can be copied from source language to target language when editing an element. This includes images, video, audio, gallery, attachments and csv files, further increasing the speed of creating new translations.

Version 1.1.1 of the K2 Support Plugin has been released to fix a bug in the translation of a menu item.

We have also released the patch FasTrans_patch_140918-3.1.0 to correct an error in routing a menu item.

Please install the patch and plugin (if using K2) as soon as possible.

Remember that you must be logged in to access the downloads

Kmel-Joomla Extensions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.1.0 for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.2. 

KMFasTrans PRO version 3.1.0 contains new features as described below:

New features

  • Third-party extensions support (Joomla 3.2).
    • This version makes it possible to copy files when creating or editing translations of elements of third-party extensions in the edit window. For example, all image files, video, audio, csv etc. on K2 items and K2 categories can now be copied from the source element to the target element using the copy buttons located on the tabs or the Copy All button, eliminating the need for new uploads.

Fixed bugs:

1. URL's are not correctly computed by the KMFT Language Switche Module in some conditions in Joomla 3.x. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_140818-3.0.0).

2. A bug introduced in version 3.0.0 breaks the edit screen for some items on Joomla 2.x. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_140821-3.0.0).

3. When editing elements containing no parent category, in some circumstances the value 'No parent' does not appear in the categories dropdown list. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_140821-3.0.0).

4. Fatal error when trying to submit an article with Front-end editing. (Previously resolved with patch FasTrans_patch_140903-3.0.0).

5. Eliminate the message 'You can't create a set that is going to contain one element in language '*' ' that is obtained when switching the language of an isolated element (not belonging to any set of translations) from 'All' to any other or from any other to All'.

6. Prevent changing the language of an element of a set from any language to "All" to avoid having a set with an element in language 'All'.