Kmel-Joomla Extensions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 2.3.0 for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.2. Please install this version as soon as possible.

KMFasTrans PRO version 2.3.0 contains new features and fixes some bugs as described below:

New features

  • Trashing an element.
    • When an item is trashed, in the Translation Management Dashboard screen, it is dissociated from the set of translations to which it may belong. Thus, no set will contain trashed elements unless manually associated.

  • Creating sets of translations during installation.
    • From this release, when a new KMFasTrans PRO installation or an upgrade from KMFasTrans FREE is done, the installation process automatically creates sets of translations based on existing Joomla item associations.

      The process can be time consuming especially in websites with many items so you can override it by modifying the installation file (see installation documentation). The process can be performed at any time manually.

  • Support of menu items type 'Tags'.
    • Support of menu items of type 'Tags' that were not supported in the previous version is now added.

  • Memorization of the active tab in the edit form.
    • Until this version each time you reload the edit window in Joomla 3.2 the default tab became the active tab. From this version, the last visited tab (in each type of element) will be the active tab when the window is reloaded.

  • Informing why the native Joomla Language Manager is disabled.
    • A tip has been added to the native Joomla Language Manager link (Extensions->Language Manager) informing why it is disabled.

Fixed bugs:

1. Changing the language of an element sometimes causes an element association errror.

2. The overriden administrator language strings are not shown in the Overrides screen.

3. Remove warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\DATOS\DWSites\Joomla3x\libraries\cms\helper\content.php on line 121, that occurs when a translation of a category is created.

4. The Cancel button in Language Manager Options screen in Joomla 3.x does not redirect to the correct page.

5. Correctly display the drop-down lists for menus and categories for the language in process in the Options tab of the editing modules screen. (J3.x).