Kmel-Joomla Extensions is pleased to announce the immediate availability of KMFasTrans PRO 3.0.0 for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.2. 

We are proud to announce that this new KMFasTrans version supports third-party extensions in Joomla 3.2+. It has been a long and costly work but now KMFasTrans is able to support third-party extensions and allows you to work with them within KMFasTrans, as if you were working with the extension itself, including extension specific menu items and modules.

And all the features that KMFasTrans provides for the translation of standard Joomla elements such as the intelligent filling of editing fields, or the consistency check, or switching of languages at the category and item level, are now available to third-party extensions. The support is achieved by installing a plugin for the selected extension. This support is now available for K2 (v 2.6.8) and soon will be adding support for other extensions.

KMFasTrans PRO version 3.0.0 also contains some more new features and fixes some bugs as described below:

New features

  • Third-party extensions support (Joomla 3.2+).
    • As said above, the support is achieved by installing a plugin for the choosen extension. The supported third-party extensions can be found in Third-party extension support. There you can also consult the supported versions and download the plugin.

  • Using Ajax to change target language in the editing screen (Joomla 3.2+).
    • From this version, by clicking on a language tab on the right hand side of the editing screen, the contents of the translation into the selected language will be loaded using Ajax, thus reducing the load time and improving the user experience.

  • Ordering items on the Translation Management Dashboard.
    • A new column has been added to the Translation Management Dashboard screen to order items. This avoids having to go to the list of items in native Joomla to do it.

      In Joomla 3.x, Ajax is used for this function.

  • A new button allows hidding the left sidebar on the Translation Management Dashboard (Joomla 3.2+).
    • With this new button you can hide the left sidebar when you are working for a long time with the same values for the filters in this sidebar, for example when you are working with articles and the same set of languages. The most commonly used filters have been moved to the right and are visible though the sidebar is hidden. So you can have more space and you can view more columns of languages without having to use horizontal scrolling.

  • New filters in the Translation Management Dashboard.
    • We have added more filters to the Translation Management Dashboard screen, different for the different types of elements, which easy to look for the desired information.

Fixed bugs:

1. Bugs previously fixed by patch FasTrans_patch_140506-2.3.1 are fixed in this version. No new bugs have been reported.