If you are building a multilingual website with Joomla! for the first time, you might have read some documentation and keep in mind several things before building the site.

You have a good manual for building the site in


Things to keep in mind:

1. Be careful when you create a new content language. The Language Tag must be valid and equal to the Language Tag for the language you have installed on your site. If not, you will not see that language in the Language Switcher. Then you have to change the Language Tag and if you created elements in that language with the old Language Tag you will have to change them all by hand and in some cases you'll probably need to touch the database. This can be a nightmare, so it's much better to do it right the first time.

2. If you're building a multilingual website based on a monolingual website, probably all monolingual site elements will have language 'All' assigned. If so, the first thing you have to do is to change the language from 'All' to the actual language in which the elements are written, and that will be the source/reference language. Do it for all the elements of the site, except those who are going to be shown in all languages, such as the Language Switcher module.

4. Click the button "Create Multilingual Infrastructure" on the Content languages screen and assign the default home page menu item for the source/reference language.

5. Complete the multilingual infraestructure following the instructions on the document above (for instance, you must create a root category for each language and type of content).

6. Start translating elements using KMFasTrans. To avoid translations inconsistencies you must follow a translation workflow. The appropiate workflow is Categories, Articles, Menus, Menu items, Modules and the rest.

7. Before setting the site online, check the following.

  • Are the desired Content Languages published ?
  • Are the related site languages installed and activated?
  • Are the Default Home Page menu items for each Content Language present and published?
  • Is there a specific menu containing a Default Home Page menu item to which is assigned language "All" and its menu module unpublished?
  • Are the menu modules which display these Default Home Pages present and published?
  • Are the 'Langswitcher' modules present and published?
  • Is the 'Language Filter' system plug-in activated?