Just installed the product, the first tasks to be performed are:

- If this is the first time you install the product and you have already created menu items associations in Joomla you can create sets of translations from Joomla menu items associations using the synchronization process (from version 1.4. 0 PRO). This process also attempts to assign the correct language to menus based on the language of their menu items. If you have installed the version 2.3.0 PRO or higher, then you don't need to do this because it is done during the installation.

- You must set the appropriate language in the existing menus or review it if you have launched the process above. When you install the product the field language is added as a required field for menus, so you can easily control the language of the menu-items assigned to a menu. The installation process sets the value 'All' for the language in all existing menus, and you need to change it manually to set the right one. If you have done a synchronization process as indicated above, most menus will probably already have its correct language.

- Establish multi-lingual infrastructure if it does not exist yet. This is done by clicking 'Create Default Home' button (or 'Create Multilingual Infrastructure' button on latest versions) on the toolbar of the Content Languages Screen.

- Remember to publish the Language Filter plugin. If you want to have translated content switching when switching languages you have to set the value 'YES' for the option "Menu associations". If you forget to do it at first then you will have to re-edit all menu items to create the associations. If you have version 1.4.0. PRO or later you don't need to do it manually because you can create the Joomla associations from translations sets using the synchronization process. 

- If you want to switch content at the article, contact or newsfeed level, or third-party extensions categories or items, you have to publish the KMFT Language Switcher and assign the position and pages as you want. Remember that this module requires menu items associations to be in place to work properly.